Bath tubs for all

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Ever gone into a home whether it’s that of a friend or an open house somewhere and wonder why on earth there was no tub in the bathroom? Yes, it happens, folks just don’t have the room or don’t need a bathtub and rather opt for a shower. Yikes!
What is better after a long hard day than a soak in a nice, deep, warm tub of water? Not a lot in accordance with a lot of us which is why bathtubs come in numerous shapes and sizes, so they are perfect for any space.
Obviously the more space you have the more options for the ideal tub you’ll have. We have all seen the glossy magazine images of a massive tub in the middle of a huge bathroom. While we might not be going that crazy, bathtubs can still make an impression.
Stand alone tubs can make that statement but will also need further plumbing than the ones that sit against a wall. Some come with those lovely clawfeet that invoke such intimate images, and a few are beautifully designed vessels that offer a modern, sleek take on the bathtub design. Here the possibilities are endless, you can fancy up it with unique tiles or surrounds and obviously change the taps and you have changed the whole appearance of the bathroom. Ifdown the line you get sick of the tiles or surround then you simply change that out and give your room a whole new look, while keeping the tub in place.
Triangular tubs are meant to be used in tiny spaces as they are space saving in design. They usually sit against two walls with the pipes hidden underneath and behind the wall so there’s absolutely no need for additional plumbing work.
Large or small, soaker or regular, 1 person or multiple people the bathtub is the showpiece of the bathroom. Add a shower and you have a two for one in place but do away with the tub entirely? What does Possum Poop Look Like?

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