Reasons Why Some Cats Eat Mice

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They could research the cat’s ancestry, biology and hard-wiring to find the solution.

Nearly a century ago, cats were largely outdoor creatures. Since cats have the tendency to be exceptional hunters, people keep them to control pests. Those who wish to see them search in actions can observe the behavior of African wildcats, their nearest wild cousins. These nocturnal animals hunt primarily during nighttime. They have very precise hearing that lets them locate their prey based only on auditory clues. African wildcats search mainly birds, insects, mice, rats and small reptiles. They seldom drink water, and just get moisture from the prey they eat.

Cats devour their prey so they can find a vital amino acid called taurine. Unlike other creatures, the taurine that cats produce isn’t sufficient, and that is why they should take it in their diet. Meat has the ideal amount of taurine to satisfy the requirements of a cat’s body, making them a so-called”obligate carnivore”. The cat foods available in the market contain taurine.

Though domestic cats act in a similar fashion, human protection has encouraged them and managed the ability to hunt during the day and during the night. As early as 6 weeks old, kittens already pounce on their food. Hunting is a cat’s natural survival instinct.

Domestic cats that stay indoors hunt significantly less than the ones that live outdoors since there are not any mice to catch. In the wild, the mothers of feral kittens teach them how to kill their prey. Domestic cats seldom develop this ability. For this reason, they are seen playing with what they catch or bringing a mouse to their proprietor like an”offering” because many of them do not understand how to kill you.

Cat lovers have to understand that it is just normal for their favourite pet to hunt a mouse and consume it. Though this may seem to be gross to them, for cats it’s a normal thing to do, and most importantly, it’s fun. Hunting is a natural behaviour among cats, and they need to exercise this skill even though they are hunting their toys or some feathered fishing rod. In case domestic cats go outside to hunt, their owners should remember to deworm both times annually, because rodents are carriers of intestinal parasites that can infect them as well as humans.

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